Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puang ( 1 )

For Ur info..this my group..kitorg selalu lepak same2...:D

              Hana.. Cute girl ;) she got many personS tht she like .. haha so u don't have a chance!! ..peace!

 Hikmah ..comey` She stick together with Hana.. people said her face look like me?.

 Ain a young girl..hahaha I'm always bulliying this kid hehe
 Mai .. korean girl (actually.. all of us are fan of korea..except .... ) Shes adorable.. ^w^
 Sa.. people keep callin her " jelingan maut " hahaha.. shes innocent outsite but in.......
Win   .. she usually get BLUR..hehee

                                 GOOD, BESS n Ever lasting  FREINDs..haha love them all ..^w^~

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